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MoldOff Removal Home Kit

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MoldOff Removal Home Kit

Remove old, moldy sealant and easily re-caulk with the MoldOff Removal Home Kit!
The v-shaped caulking tool is smartly designed to effortlessly scrape off moldy, hard-to-reach grouts on the corners, joints and edges at any angle.
Use the trowel tip to spread our MoldOff sealant smoothly and evenly for a perfectly white, clean caulk line! 
The powerful sealant formula offers ultimate protection from water and mold damage - meaning your grouts won't go black and moldy for the next 10 years!


  • Remove Moldy Sealant in Seconds!
    The v-shaped scraper is designed to easily remove tough, hard-to-reach grouts on any edge, joint or corner.
  • Calk Like a Pro!
    Comes with 5 different trowel tips. Apply our sealant with the right trowel tip to spread the gel evenly and smoothly to create a perfect looking seal while reducing wasted caulk.
  • 12-Months Mold-Free Protection
    Protects against water damage, stain-causing mold and mildew growth.
  • Shrink & Crack-Proof
    Withstands extreme expansions and contraction associated with temperature fluctuations.
  • Damage-Free
    The caulking tool will not scratch or damage the wall, floor or countertop surfaces.
  • Wide Application
    Applicable for home, kitchen, bathroom, window, door, sink and more.


  • Sealant Net Content: 120ml

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