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Eco-Aquarium Purifying Powder

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Eco-Aquarium Purifying Powder

Turn muddy green aquarium to crystal clear effortlessly with Eco-Aquarium Purifying Powder!
It instantly eliminates excessive algae, moss and micro-organisms, which significantly improves the health and lifespan of your beloved fishes.
Cleaning your aquarium has never been easier before, this is the most cost-effective and safest way to maintain clean and clear water!


  • Eliminate Algae Naturally
    Within a few hours of applying, Diatom algae (beneficial algae) blooms and vies for carbon dioxide, nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients, leaving nuisance algae to die off as a result of non-available of nutrients.
  • Improves Water Quality
    Eliminates excessive moss, algae and other micro-organisms which turns your water cloudy and emits bad odor. Ensuring a healthier habitat for your beloved fishes.
  • Effective Purifier
    With a few hours of applying, it kick starts the cleaning process and starts to develop diatoms.
  • Long Lasting
    Keep your aquarium crystal clear for the next 6 months!
  • Safe for Fish, Plants & Amphibians
    Unlike other algaecides, it is completely safe for your pond and aquariums, as well as the organisms present in it.
  • Widely Used
    Can be used for aquariums, ponds and swimming pool.


  • 1 Pack x Eco-Aquarium Purifying Powder (5 sachets)
  • 2 Packs x Eco-Aquarium Purifying Powder (10 sachets)

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