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Natural Brow Growth Solution Serum

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Natural Brow Growth Solution Serum

Fully grow and say no more to bad brows days in 12 weeks! 

Let’s see our verified customers' claims about this product:
“I’ve been using this for several months now with a great fast effect and I have been very happy with the results. My thinning eyebrows are almost completely grown back after just a 3 months treatment!” – Wendy S.

“My eyebrows always get compliments after using this serum! I have been using it faithfully for a full 11 weeks (2x a day). I totally love how it softens and grows my brows to the thickness that I want to achieve.” -  Maggie L.

“After 2 weeks, I started to see a thickness in my eyebrows and also they grow darker. I suffer from hypothyroidism since 2008 and I practically have thin eyebrow and to see they start to grow just after 2 weeks make me happy.” -  Dakota O.

How does Natural Brow Growth Solution Serum work?
Prompts hair in the telogen (resting) phase and move into the anagen (growing) phase to prevent premature thinning and uneven brows. Offering hair thinning treatment, 55 amino acids, naturally promote cell protection and the repairing process for a 96% nourishment, stimulate your follicles on a cellular level for a faster and thicker regrowth.
The serum has added molecule compound that supports hair fiber that increases the follicle’s healthy stem cells, triggering growth of new, more lustrous hair.

Key Main Ingredients:
Ginseng Extract

Ginseng exhibits therapeutic potential that deeply nourishes scalp and balance PH water moisturizing level for faster hair growth, preventing hair loss and uneven regrowth.

Ligustrum Lucidum Extract

Ligustrum lucidum polysaccharides play an anti-lipid peroxidation role by scavenging hydroxyl-free radicals, improving Sodium Polyacrylate and GSH-Px activities. This mantains the hair’s softness texture and supple healthy regrowth.

Ganoderma Lucidum Extract

Ganoderma promotes blood circulation and the metabolism of epidermal cells, which means more oxygen and hair-loving nutrients are traveling on the cell to reduce inflammation.


I have thyroid disease and my hair and eyebrows have been so thin. I’ve tried so many different products from expensive to name brand serums and nothing was working, so I searched for 3 weeks and came across this product. So I read and did my research and I took a leap of faith and ordered and hoped it was not going to be like the other product that I have found that had made my eyebrow hairs fall out! 
I am seeing the magical results and I love it !! I was really amazed by the growing process of my brows now. I usually grow about minimal amount of hair for 5 months, but this serum boost the growing process! My brows are looking great in my 6th week!
This really does work for me. It shows absolutely fast regrowth as you may see on my photo. My brows were noticeably thicker and nicely shaped now! I finally have a even eyebrow after so many years, thank you so much.

  • Stimulate Hair Growth
  • Thicker & Even Regrowth
  • Moisturizes & Supports Hair Fibers 
  • Enhancing Healthy Regrowth

Easy To Use:
1. Wash and dry eyebrows thoroughly 
2. Gently apply product to eyebrows
3. Brush the formula alongside the natural direction, avoiding the eye
4. Use 2-3x a day for better results


  • Compatibility: All skin types, Unisex
  • Ingredients: Ginseng Extract, Ligustrum Lucidum Extract, Ganoderma Lucidum Extract, Rosemary Extract
  • Shelf Life: 3 Years
  • Product Dimensions: 10.5cm x 2.7cm 
  • Net Content: 30 ml
  • 1 PC / 2 PCS x Natural Brow Growth Solution Serum

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